Zetaclear UK Reviews

Real Zetaclear UK Reviews

Here are some real Zetaclear UK reviews from people that have bought and used Zetaclear. There were so many to list that we only added the more interesting feedback that includes both good and bad Zetaclear reviews.

"I was very skeptical about using my credit card online to buy the Zetaclear online but I see now it's no problem at all, very secure. I did want to tell you that it's been working great for me, I can clearly see a difference and the fungus is slowly growing out with my toenail". Jeff Z -Alberta

"I'm a very satisfied customer. It cleared my nail fungus in 7 weeks. I first started noticing results in the first week of using it. Thanks" - Anonymous


Hey folks this product really works...I have tried numerous lotions and potions to no avail for my toe fungus...My Dr. recommended Lamisil tabs,which are expensive and have potential side affects...Yuck!!!!
I tried Zeta clear and my toe was cleared up in a couple of weeks and has remained so for several months..This is my big toe that has lost it nail about every 8 mo for the last 8 years and of course was very sore from time to time...
Get the word out, this combination of ingredients works...I have tried some of the ingredients seperatly like Tree Oil with no affect... Thanks so much Larry W. Rapid City SD

I have been using for about a month and the nail is smoother and my hubby and daughter said my hallux toenail looks like it is clearing some (smoother, not as thick), but it is getting darker in color. It is not deep straw colored yellow but a dark tan color now. I think this is part of the healing process because it is a very severe big toenail fungus. I am praying that in about six to seven months the fungus will be cleared. I have two bottles. Will let you know around December 2008, if it is cleared. THANKS!!! - Anonymous

After reading all the great reviews I had to try it. I have had a fungus on my big toe for several years and wanted it gone. I bought ZetaClear and followed the instructions but a few months later still as bad as ever. The nail turned brown and pretty much came off, but the fungus underneath was still going strong. It didn't work for me. - Anonymous

My fungal infection went undetected because I didn't know the signs. I thought that my second toe was misshaping because of shoes I have worn in my youth. When they turned yellow I knew something was wrong. I went on line to find out about it. I had FUNGUS. I saw the name zeta clear all over the place, so I decided to order it. I have been using it for about 2 months. My nails almost look normal. No longer yellow, not misshapen anymore. I am thrilled. I recommend it to everyone. Thank-you. 
 - Sharon W - Picton, Ontario